Q: Have you ever loved someone too much ?

Yes. I do currently.

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Q: Have you ever thought of cutting your wrists? Sorry for this sensitive qiestion.

I have not. I want to leave my answer as just those three words. But I feel like I need to say more. You are right, this is a sensitive question, and self harm is a sensitive topic. If anyone who is reading this is hurting themselves, please try not to. I know that the world can be cruel and people can be horrible and times can be hard, but when everything is bad, you must rely on yourself, you must find the good in yourself, not destroy it. I know how hard it can be, but we must all learn to love ourselves, or at least just be content with who we are. There are other ways to deal with our problems. Please, don’t hurt yourself. You are beautiful. If you need to talk to anyone, I am here.

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Q: have you ever had sex with the same sex? (are you a boy or a girl anyways?)

No I haven’t. I’m a girl.

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