Q: be as quiet and as soft-spoken as you want to be. you don't need to waste words on things you don't find meaningful.

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not a poem, just a thought.

I am rather sick of everyone telling me I’m “too quiet”. That I need to be louder, more outgoing, talk more. I can’t help it that I am a quiet person. I have always been, all my life, quiet and shy and soft spoken. It is not in my nature to be loud and “out there”. It makes me uncomfortable to even try. I’m not a very sociable person, and I won’t apologise for that. I try every day to be more confident with myself, but the truth is that I will always be that shy girl inside. I beat myself up enough over not saying something or speaking up, more than anyone knows, but that is my own battle. I wish people wouldn’t involve themselves in my own issues and push me to be something I’m not, or treat my shyness like a flaw. I don’t see what is wrong with being quiet. It’s not like I never speak. I speak plenty, when I want to, with those I feel comfortable around. That should be enough.

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